Glazze HD-1

Main Equipment

Base Unit with the Single Head Production Consists of the 2 Hp Dc Motor Along with the Dc Drive and ¼ Hp Dc Motors Two Numbers, Two Synchronous Motor, Basic Electronic Panel Board with Dc Drives, Pump for the Coolant Circulation, Pay-off for Wire, Ancillary Equipments - No Supporting Equipments are Required.

Application Range

S/s Scrubbers from 5 Grams to 40 Grams Can Be Manufactured.

Handling Requirements

One Skilled Operator is Enough to Carry Out the Production On One Machine Smoothly.

Electrical Control Panel Board

The Machine is Equipped with Two Electrical Panel Boards. One is the Main Panel and the Second Remote Panel Board, Controlling the Drives in Synchronization to Each Other.

  • Glazze HD-1